General Economic Theory

Term: Winter

Academic Year: 2020/21

Course Content:

1. Subject of research and the basic concepts of general economic theory
2. Economy and economics, basic types of economics
3. Economic sciences, relationship to the other sciences
4. Methodology of economy
5. Economy as historical and logical science
6. Basic economic sources, economic goods
7. Production factors and their characteristic
8. Optimality of production possibilities and its measurement
9. Socio-economic categories and laws
10. Market mechanism, basic elements of the market mechanism
11. Limitations of market mechanism- externalities, public goods
12. The macroeconomic market equilibrium
13. Rent, the price of land
14. Capital, substance of interest, return on investment
15. Work as a production factor
16. The nature of competition and its functions
17. International trade essence, folders, functions

Course Materials:

MÍŠKOVÁ, Z. Economy in English. Praha: Ekopress, 2014.
SKOKO, H. Simplified principles of Microeconomics. 2015. Available on
CANTERBERY, R.E. A Brief History of Economics. USA: Florida State University, 2010.
BELLOVÁ, J. Basic Economics. Praha: Leges, 2017.
HOREHÁJOVÁ, M., MARASOVÁ, J. Microeconomics. MBU: Faculty of Economics, 2009.
LAWSON, C., URAMOVÁ, M., TUSCHLOVÁ, M. Macroeconomics 3. MBU: Faculty of Economics, 2009.

Further materials on specific topics will be recommended ongoing